I am Shay(shea) Bella, I look forward to sharing information and tips on natural, hair and skin care with you.  I want you to join me on the TeaShea journey as I visit people using TeaShea as well as getting people to transition over to a more natural, and healthier way to maintain his or her hair and skin.

A little about me, I love anything that has to do with Tea.  I have several certifications in tea, Yes, there are certification for tea, lol!  TeaShea is a product line born of that love and our tea company. I will always have a cup of tea at my side, I may refer to a tea that I am drinking while chatting with you and will most definitely share some of those tips where appropriate. As you know there is a lot of information coming out about all the benefits tea has to offer.  Well that is not limited to just the beverage, tea seed oil is the oil that is pressed out of the tea seed.  The oil offers the same great benefits.

The Shea part of it come from Shea Butter that is another incredible skin moisturizer, and conditioner. we have combined these two to create a product that will benefit your hair, and skin needs.

Like any conversation it is more fun when everyone has something to say.  Please send me your comments and questions.

Shay Bella



SD Transplant
08/19/2012 9:55am

Hello Shea,

My wife has been using your products for a little bit now. So I have seen the balms and hair products. What I am commenting on today is the Nassau Sugar Scrub.
I ran out of my bodywash and this was in the shower so I used it. TOTALLY worried that I was going to smell like flowers for the day at work. Instead I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't smell at all and my wife commented that my skin was super smooth.
Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed that and if you could let me know what other kinds of products I might be interested.
Thanks SDTrns Plnt


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