I am trying to hold my composure but I am really ticked off.  I attend many trade shows, and events to stay current on what's happening in the industry.  Most of the time, even overall this time I enjoyed the experience as a whole. My friend/consultant, and I recently attended an event, checking out new products in the market, and we were pleasantly surprised to see several new companies in the industry like TeaShea promoting all natural, and organic products. 

As we walked around asking questions I was horrified to find a couple of vendors out right LIE about what was in the product they were promoting.  Anytime someone say's Shea Butter my ears perk up, I want to know is it organic, unrefined, refined, and so on.  This information is required to be on the label, so that's where my eyes wander.   YES, IT REALLY DOES MATTER! perfect example we asked a vendor about his product, what's in it, and its benefits.  He responds "the main two ingredients are Shea Butter and Lavender Oil", great so far, then I turn the label around and Shea Butter is nowhere to be found not even in the technical nomenclature, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter).  It smelled great, but it was fake!

Second example, we went to another vendor same questions, I have to give her credit she was able to truthfully state what the main ingredients were in the product but when asked about its benefits, her response was the oils are great and natural.  Yes, go on...BLANK STARE, REALLY!  Now we happen to know the benefits because it's our business, so if you asked me what is the benefits of camellia seed oil, I would tell you, it is highly moisturizing, a natural antioxidant, non-comedogenic, maintains a healthy pH balance, softens wrinkles and tiny age lines, and conditions scalp to name a few.

I share this only to remind you to check things out for yourself, read labels, I know it can be difficult with the tiny print, but it is important for you to make a truly informed decision on the products you choose.

Caio for now,
Shay Bella